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Wed, Mar 10, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
As we move into Ezekiel chapter four we learn God’s people we’re not doing what He called them to do – but worse yet they we’re not the least bit attentive to His word. So to get their attention God has His prophet perform a little street theatre.
Tue, Mar 09, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
Today on Light on the Hill Ezekiel is called to share God’s message to a hard-hearted people. How would he respond? Find out.
Mon, Mar 08, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
Today on Light on the Hill Ezekiel receives a call. He was to deliver God’s message to a people that didn’t want to hear or receive it.
Fri, Mar 05, 2021
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26 mins
Today on Light on the Hill Ezekiel receives his call to become a Prophet.
Thu, Mar 04, 2021
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26 mins
Ezekiel is commissioned by God. Hear all about it on Light on the Hill!
Wed, Mar 03, 2021
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26 mins
The book of Ezekiel predicts an invasion upon Israel by surrounding nations in the last days. Could the stage be set for this to occur, possibly in our generation? We'll talk about it today on Light on the Hill.
Tue, Mar 02, 2021
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26 mins
Today we introduce our series in Ezekiel. As we normally like to do, we’ll spend some time getting to know the author, and present a summary of the book.
Mon, Mar 01, 2021
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26 mins
Here on our midweek edition of Light on the Hill we continue our introduction to the Prophets. It’s laying some important groundwork for our upcoming series in Ezekiel.
Sat, Feb 27, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
Pastor James Kaddis will be in Jeremiah chapter four this week. Here we find the prophet Jeremiah crying out, judgement is coming if you don’t change.
Fri, Feb 26, 2021
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26 mins 1 sec
Today on Light on the Hill we’re going to begin our study in Ezekiel with an introduction to the Prophets as a whole!