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Sat, Jan 09, 2021
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26 mins
Pastor James Kaddis is just getting his study of Jeremiah underway. Today he’s going to survey the entire book for us, giving us a snapshot of what’s to come in this series.
Fri, Jan 08, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
Today James will offer some background and then survey the entire book Philippians, laying an important foundation for what’s ahead of us.
Thu, Jan 07, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
As we continue our study of Bible prophecy today, pastor James Kaddis speaks of how it motivates us in a very good and godly direction!
Wed, Jan 06, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
We hit the fast forward button to the Great Tribulation, and hear what Daniel has to say about it, today on Light on the Hill!
Tue, Jan 05, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
We’re looking into the future to a time when the Final Antichrist will emerge and many will fall for his lies. But in the end, God will defeat him. Hear all about it on Light on the Hill.
Mon, Jan 04, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
The antichrist… what do we know about this coming world ruler? Join us today in the book of Daniel and find out!
Sat, Jan 02, 2021
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26 mins
As we begin a new year, we begin a new book of the Bible today. And that’s Jeremiah.
Fri, Jan 01, 2021
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25 mins 59 secs
Today on Light on the Hill we’d like to take you to Psalm 139, and show you how an understanding of the sovereign hand of God in our lives, can bring peace and hope your way!
Thu, Dec 31, 2020
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We’ll recall where we’ve been, and where we are today, but also look forward to the glorious future God has in store for those who believe in Him.
Wed, Dec 30, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
Need some proof that the Bible is accurate? Look no further than Daniel eleven. That’s where we’re headed today on Light on the Hill.